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5 days
2,000+ daily views
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GH 150 for one week
GH 300 for two weeks
GH 500 for one month
GH 1500 for three months
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People Reached

By advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you’re able to reach thousands and even millions of people who currently aren’t following you. Instead of being limited to only your ‘followers’, break out and reach new potential customers and followers.

Likes and Follows

Get notified on comments, likes, reactions, follows and more right from inside Facebook and Instagram. Interact with your customers, reply their comments, respond to their messages in real-time.


With Facebook and Instagram ads, you can make sure your message gets to the people you want it to. Where are they located? What age bracket are they in? What are their interests? Customer targeting and so much more.

Page Likes

You have a message, so gather an audience who want to hear what you have to say. Run a page like campaign and gain hundreds or thousands of new followers who you can continue to communicate to through your posts on a daily basis (Facebook only).


View the total reach of your ad campaigns easily and quickly right from your Facebook page. All your ads show you how many people they’ve been shown to with a nice orange bar right underneath them.


Run a good, strong campaign for as short as 5 days. But if that’s not enough for you, not a problem at all. Run them for a week, a month or even up to 3 months if you desire.